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Unbrandable is a free Chrome Extension that adds nutrition labels to online supermarket products.

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Make healthier choices

StarLight nutrition ratings combine two standards into one simple and comparable label: Traffic lights, which indicate levels of fats, sugars, and sodium, and Health Star Ratings that assess overall nutrition including things like fiber, protein, and calcium.

Star ratings plus traffic lights. StarLights. See what I did there?

StarLight Ratings

Who is it for?

Unbrandable is for people who want better information about the nutritional value of their groceries. It offers simple and factual data for sensible pragmatic shoppers.
It's not for people interested in food-fads, trendy diets, or hyped-up pseudoscience.

Why Unbrandable?

This extension was created as a personal project in response to weak food labelling laws in Australia, the spread of misleading and inaccurate nutritional information, and the unacceptably slow adoption of the government's new Health Star Ratings system by manufacturers.


Unbrandable does collect statistical information about the items you buy. It does not collect any information that can personally identify you.