Thanks for trying out the Unbrandable browser extension. Once the extension is installed, you'll see a new button added to your Chrome window.

You don't need to use the button for Unbrandable to work; It activates automatically whenever you're browsing Coles or Woolworths online web sites.

While you browse, you'll see nutritional information panels appear next to most food products.

Health Star Ratings

The Health Star Rating (HSR) system ranks food products on a scale from half to five stars. Like the energy rating on fridges and washing machines, the more stars the better; Foods with five stars being the best nutritional choice. Read more about the star ratings system at

All nutrient measurements are per 100g or mL. This allows for simple baseline comparisons of similar products without having to process complex numerical information such as serving size or net weight.

Research has shown that we process images and colours much more efficiently than numerical information. Unbrandable uses a hybrid design that combines the standard star ratings format that you see on some front-of-pack labels with a traffic light colour coded system for quick visual information and easier product comparisons. These are affectionately named StarLight labels.

The type of nutritional panel displayed depends on how much space there is on the page to work with. If you're using a mobile device or you've switched the layout to a grid-style view you may see only the star rating with no nutrient values. List view is recommended for the best viewing experience. If the nutrient values aren't shown you can always click on a product to see them on the details page. And one last thing: we're always trying to improve the design and layout of the labels so you may notice some slight changes from time to time.

How to Disable the Extension

You can remove or temporarily disable Unbrandable by opening Google Chrome and entering chrome://extensions into the address bar.

Statistical Information

In the near future, I'd like to add new features that allow you to compare your current shopping cart with your previous shops to help make gradual improvements and promote healthier choices over time. When you reach the checkout, Unbrandable records the list of items you've purchased. It does not store any personal information (name, email, address, etc).